What is a CL-100?

If you’re in the market of buying a new home, then you probably already know that when doing so there are a lot of forms and paperwork to fill out. One part of buying a new home and selling an existing one is a pest inspection. South Carolina laws have built this into the home buying process to ensure that buyers don’t make purchases on homes with significant damage that may not be seen to the naked eye. To protect and inform buyers, South Carolina requires a CL-100.

This report has multiple names, including a wood destroying insect inspection or termite report. However, it’s official name is the Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report or CL-100. This report is produced by a pest control technician after doing a thorough inspection of the prospective home for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and all of the damage that they can cause. The technician will also check for water damage and list any findings of current or past infestation or damage.

This report is usually paid for and scheduled by the home buyer, but usually wanted by banks and other groups offering loans to make sure their investment is secure. Your real estate agent can help you with the timing of all of this and can also recommend an inspector. However, you are free to choose your own inspector as well. If you choose to do so, make sure you or your real estate agent have hired a licensed, professional pest control company to perform the CL-100 like those at First Choice Pest Control. When making a big investment into a new home, you want to be sure that the foundation or wood is not damaged and that there are no other harmful insects present.

If you get a CL-100 that does show past damage, it can be used to make the seller repair the home or reduce the cost to cover repairs yourself. This is likewise for infestations. First Choice Pest Control can provide a licensed technician to come perform the inspection in preparation for sale or provide ongoing pest control services for your newly purchased home. If you are buying or selling a home, give First Choice Pest Control a call to schedule a time to perform a wood infestation report today.



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